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Barn Rental Pricing

  • Monday through Thursday: $1250.00

  • Friday and Saturday: $1800.00

The Basics of Big Willow Barn

  1. A deposit of $500 is required. The $500 deposit can be refunded if the venue is left clean and in good condition (based on a checklist) at the end of your event. If you’d rather forfeit the deposit, we are happy to clean up. 

  2. The rental agreement includes 12 round tables and chairs for 100 people. We have 5 6' banquet tables, 5 taller cafe style tables and several choices for a cake and/or book signing table.

    • ​We offer your choice of black, brown, cream, white, or navy tablecloths that come with the cost of the rental. We also have many overlay choices to choose from, but there is an additional cost for those.

  3. Access to the barn from 4:00PM-11:00PM, use of the kitchen, and any help that we can provide. 

  4. Our pricing reflects a DIY event. You will be responsible for setting up, and all décor.

  5. You may use our outdoor reception space from June through October, weather permitting.

Catering Guidelines

  1. You are welcome to use your choice of caterer, but please keep in mind that open flames are not allowed.  Our kitchen includes space for food preparation, a refrigerator/freezer, and microwaves. We are not licensed as a commercial kitchen and so no cooking is not permitted on the premise.

  2. ALCOHOL IS NOT ALLOWED. And this is non-negotiable. Even if you ask really nicely, we will still tell you no. 

Cleanup Guidelines

You will be asked to take all trash to the outside garbage cans, sweep the floors, and mop up any spills. In addition, we ask that you put all of the linens on one table and return the rest of the tables and chairs to where they are stored in the kitchen. If you would rather not deal with any of the cleanup, and are okay forfeiting your cleaning deposit, we will gladly do all of the cleanup for you. 

Decoration Guidelines

  1. Do not nail, tack, or glue anything to the walls/floors or do anything that will cause permanent damage to the building. If any damage is found after your event, you will be responsible for paying to have it fixed/replaced.

  2. Note: The use of glitter, rice, and confetti is not allowed. If we see that you have used these items, we will keep your cleaning deposit, as it will take us the better part of a year to clean it out of the wood floors. Please don’t put us through that. 


  1. NO ALCOHOL - If at any point before/during/after your event, we find that alcohol was/is being used, we reserve the right to fine you $1000 for violating our rental agreement. If your event has not concluded, and we find that you are using alcohol, you and your party will be asked to leave immediately, forfeiting any remaining time for your event. We are serious about this one. 

  2. NO OPEN FLAMES - This includes candles, fireworks, grills, etc. Accidents happen, and we would like to keep our barn from burning down. 

Additional Notes

  1. Please remember that Big Willow Barn cannot be responsible for inclement weather. If you have planned to use our outdoor reception space, and the weather turns bad, you are welcome to move everything inside.

  2. If you are using the outdoor reception space, keep in mind that there may be falling leaves/branches, insects, and dust, etc. We will maintain our outdoor space so that it is clean and enjoyable, but we can’t control sudden wind bursts, etc. We really wish we could.

  3. We share our property with Linden Nursery. If you choose to have an outdoor event in the middle of the day, there is every possibility that business will be ongoing at Linden Nursery. You may see customers walking around, and you may hear machinery. Linden Nursery tries really hard to respect the space around the reception center during an event but once in a while the two worlds intersect. 

  4. Finally, we are here to do everything we can to make your event perfect. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to email us at

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